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Welcome to TheBug! The B4RN User Group website

On this site we hope you will find useful information about your B4RN service and how to use it, written by volunteers who are themselves B4RN customers. This website is not owned, operated or affiliated to B4RN in any way, so you should get something close to the unvarnished truth! Be warned, though, we're pretty enthusiastic about B4RN!

Click, tap or hover over any of the topics at the top of the screen for more information. If you're viewing this site on a 'phone, tap on the "cheeseburger", top left, for more topics.

This web site is a work in progress! Please send updates, comments, contributions, Bitcoin, etc., to info@thebug.org.uk 

TheBug volunteers talking about ... something ... on Zoom.

Why not join the B4RN User Group weekly Zoom?

Got a question about some tech you're thinking of getting? Or have already bought? Want advice without the jargon?

Why not Zoom into the B4RN User Group chat every Friday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm? You can join in with the whole group or have one to one conversations with an expert on your particular issue. We have all been where you are now!

We're a group of B4RN customers; between us we've experience in loads of stuff which we might be able to help you with. We don't bite, and you can drop in and out as you wish.

Email ITclub@b4rn.org.uk for the login details. (Despite the email address, we're happy to be asked about all kinds of things, including electric cars, crochet and dairy farming, as well as WiFi and VoIP!)

If you'd prefer to use Social Media, the B4RN User Group are on Facebook and whatever Twitter is called this week.

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